Author: Richard Blake

Richard Blake

I'm an experienced writer who has published in many different genres. I write for both young and adults. I enjoy writing for a living. I have been doing this for many years now and it's my passion. I've written for newspapers, blogs, magazines, and more.

Apr 20 – May 20 To view the current horoscopes, click here. Your Horoscope for Taurus You are coming into your own, dear Taurus. You’ve been working hard and doing your best, but the eclipses have kept pulling and poking at you, asking you to adjust to new conditions. As a Taurus you are hardwired…

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In this Critical Creativity kit, you will find a printable 50-card deck containing 49 activities and one reference card. Each card features icons that represent the literacy skills and critical thinking skills most developed by that strategy. The front of each card includes a brief set of directions for the activity. The back of each…

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